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MJ-5 #209 N616RB
Moteur / Engine : Lycoming O-290 135 cv / hp - Voltige / Aerobatic


 Ce Sirocco a été construit par Reuben C. Berg de Fullerton (Californie, USA). Le premier vol a eu lieu le 17 septembre 1982.

Il est équipé d'un train fixe et d'un moteur Lycoming O-290-D2 de 135 cv (d'ou le type MJ-5-E1).

Vitesse maxi : 206 km/h.
Croisière à 75% : 186 km/h.
Décrochage : 96 km/h.
Taux de montée : 775 à 1100 ft/min
Masse à vide : 473 kg.
Masse maxi : 712 kg 

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 This Sirocco was built by Reuben C. Berg from Fullerton (CA, USA). The maiden flight was Sept., 17th 1982. She's powered with a 135 hp O-290-D2 Lycoming and the landing gear is fixed to make a MJ-5 E1.

Construction Notes:
Not the easiest plane in the world to build. Box type construction. There is LOTS of woodwork. Designed 3 piece wing because of lack of space. Center section is 10', tread is slightly wider. About 10' spread gear. Don't use under 160 hp - my plane is underpowered. 90% of plane is Douglas Fir, most of plywood is English, or Finnish. American plywood wasn't as good. Used lighest weight Dacron, Stits process. Very few instruments, NAV/COM, transponder. The Aircraft Factory made the canopy which is 2" higher than plans (rear seat has more headroom). I tried a 63x70 prop, but it didn't affect climb performance at all that I could tell. No offset on tail, no offset on engine. Trimmed out, will tend to turn right! The incidence of the tail is very important. Mine holds only 19 gallons of fuel.

Flight Characteristics:
I fly approaches at 80 mph. The airplane stalls at 59 mph. Tucks a bit to left. Easy to land if you pay attention. If you've made the landing gear square, you can land in 18 to 20 mph x-wind blowing 45 degrees across the runway.

Longitudinally, it's very sensitive. Much more stable in pitch. If you're in trimmed, cruise flight, and pull the nose up 15 degrees and let go of the stick, in 2 to 2.25 oscillations it will return to neutral. I've never spun it.

It's not a very good rough air airplane. One odd thing - coming down final, if I pass over different types of ground, (differect thermal activity, I guess) the tail "wags" over each section. A strange sensation, but I've gotten used to it.

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Situation :
USA, Fullerton (CA)
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