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MJ-5 #134 CF-UVZ
Moteur / Engine : Lycoming O-320-B1A 160 cv / hp - Voltige / Aerobatic


 Ce Sirocco a train fixe été construit au Canada par le Capitaine GT Mc Kean, pilote de ligne à la Canadian Pacific Airlines. Son premier vol date de 1967, ce qui le place dans les 6 premiers Sirocco à avoir volé.

Photographié en 1968 au Delta Airpark pour des opérations de relations publiques. Une photo a été publiée dans plusieurs magazines de part le Monde.

Selon le magazine Sport Aviation (Dec 1988, page 36 - EAA), ce Sirocco à 1140 heures de vol.

Paul Conway en a été le propriétaire pendant une vingtaine d'années avant que Terry Mceveoy le sauve de la destruction en 2005. Il passe pratiquement une année à le reconstruire complètement. L'appareil avait 2285 heures de vol du nors au sud de l'amérique (Canada, USA, Mexique, Guatemala, Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama et Costa Rica) et faisait bien son age...

Eté 2008, après l'avoir basé à Olds-Ddsbury (CEA3), Terry le revend à Dave Hornford qui le base à Springbank (CYBW).

Qui nous enverra une photo récente ?


 This Sirocco C-FUVZ from Canada was built by GT Kean and first flew in 1967. The MJ5-Sirocco was designed by the famed French aircraft designer Marcel Jurca the MJ5 was named after the hot dry dusty South European wind that blows up from Africa in the spring time. .

Some pictures taken at Delta Airpark, British Columbia for Canadian Pacific Airlines, in 1968. Photographer for public relations. One picture apeared in several news papers arround the world.

Sport Aviation issue Dec. 1988 (page 36 - EAA) wrote this Sirocco had then 1140 hours of flight.

Terry Mceveoy saved C-FUVZ from being destroyed in 2004. At that point the plane had over 2,200 hours and had travelled widely through North & South America. The plane was showing its age and was beyond the resources of the current owner to refit. Terry tore it down to the frame and after repairing a couple of minor parts reskinned her. This effort consumed most of 2005 - 2006.

Terry sold C-FUVZ in the summer of 2008 after rebasing her from Delta Air Park (CAK3) to Olds-Ddsbury (CEA3). Since owned by Dave Hornford and rebased to Springbank (CYBW).

Any recent picture?

Technical Specifications:

Engine - Lycoming 0-320 (0-320-B1A) 160 HP
Propellor - Prince P-Tip 69"
Length - 21'

Height - 8.5'
Wing Span - 21.5'

Cruise - with the old Walker-Colins and 150 HP 0-320-A1A 140-150 mph indicated
 - expect closer to 170 mph indicated with the 160 HP B1A

Ceiling - with the old Walker-Colins & A1A with 2 aboard we were climbing at 500 ftpm at 11,500 when we saw the mountain we wanted to. The picture above has us at 400 ftpm at 9,800. Still learning best climb.

Range - the capacity of the passenger to stay in the plane. 115 L of fuel provide a theoretical 3 1/2 hour range (plus a 30 minute reserve). Prior to Terry's rebuild the passenger area had an temporary fuel tank and the log shows some flights >7 hours. Since the rebuild, 2 hours is the working passenger limit.

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Situation :
Canada, Springbank (CYBW)
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