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MJ-5 #121 N5025Y
Moteur / Engine : Lycoming O-360 180 cv / hp - Voltige / Aerobatic


 Ce Sirocco a été construit par M. Russell B. Caldwell (USA). Le premier vol a eu lieu en 1988. Il est équipé d'un train fixe et d'un moteur Lycoming O-360 de 180cv (MJ-5-K1) pour la voltige.

Il devient la propriété de Lawrence McDermott en aout 2000.

- Vitesse maxi : 264 km/h.
- Croisière à 75% : 236 km/h.
- Décrochage à 100 km/h.
- Taux de montée : 1150 ft/min.
- Masse à vide : 512 kg.
- Masse maxi : 898 kg


 This Sirocco was built by Mr Russell B. Caldwell from the USA. The maiden flight was 1988. The landing gear is fixed and the engine is 180 hp O-360 Lycoming.

The new owner is Lawrence McDermott in august 2000.

Construction Notes:
We did not build the plane, but bought it as a flying aircraft. We have done extensive cosmetic work on the interior & exterior including re-skinning the sides of the fuselage. We also fabricated aerodynamic fairings for the gear legs & gear hold-down bars. The top cowling was re-engineered to make it more aerodynamic, and to meet with the top of the spinner.

Flight Characteristics:
The plane was certified in the normal category, therefore giving it +6/-3 G's. It is a very stable aircraft with 0 dihedral to the wings. It is quite responsive with minor control inputs & is very easy to fly. Gound-handling is not a concern, as the plane is very docile. S-turns have not been a necessity, as there is enough forward visibility with the 6" tailwheel. I personally only had about 10hrs tailwheel time when I bought the plane & have had no problems taxiing it. It does however, take quite a bit of Right rudder on take-off roll, because of the Left turning tendency with the large engine. The plane can easily be flown "hands-off" when trimmed properly.


Situation :
USA, Arizona
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