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The diffusion of the plans and the airworthiness follow up of Marcel Jurca aircraft are managed by the "Marcel Jurca Committee" or CMJ.

Le Comité Marcel Jurca est le seul habilité à diffuser des liasses dans le monde entier.
The  Marcel Jurca Committee is the only one legally able to provide Jurca Plans worldwide and to protect Marcel Jurca's legacy. 

The plans are grouped in three families :

1/ Light single seater (MJ-2 Tempete, all types)
Price of the set of plans: 380 Euros or $380 USD

2/ Light two seater (MJ-5 Sirocco -MJ-51 Sperocco -MJ-53 Autan -MJ-55 Biso)
Price of the set of plans: 550 Euros or $550 USD

3/ Warbird replicas (MJ-77 MJ-8 MJ-80 MJ-10 MJ-100; and MJ-9/90 under conditions, please contact)
Some drawings might be under restricted diffusion regarding your local regulations (e.g. limited power...). Please check before.

Price of the set of plans: 1500 Euros or $1500 USD

Please download the 2020 Jurca aircraft catalog (now in English too) to discover all the details (click here). 

The Committee Marcel Jurca reserves the right not to release a set of plans if it considers
the builder does not have the requisite experience, especially for Warbirds replicas. Let's discuss!


How to order a set of plans :

1- Download the License agreement (pdf, updated March 2020)

Just go to the Downloads page and get the License Agreement in English (click here

2- Fill in the form three times and sign all these forms.

3- Send the three sheets by postal mail (address below)  and write us a mail to get back the payment procedure (Paypal or international wire). You can also send us a single scanned version of the license agreement by email.

Comité Marcel Jurca
Aérodrome de Nangis-les-Loges (LFAI)
77370 Clos Fontaine - France
(new postal code)

4- Send us an email if you used a postal letter.

5- Once payment received, the CMJ will send you back the set of plans with two signed license agreements (one for you and one for your aviation authority).

If the set of plans is available, we will send it in 15 days. If we need to order a print, this will take 30 days. Then the delivery time will depend on your type of shipment and country location.

Feel free to contact us with the home page form for any further information.


Veuillez remplir ce formulaire en complétant tous les champs requis. Nous vous contacterons dès que possible.

Please fill in the form and we will answer as soon as possible.