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Jurca's timeline - TO BE TRANSLATED


January 20, 1923 Marcel Jurca was born un Romania.

1940-44 Fighter Pilot within the Romanian Air Force, single seater only, mainly on Henschel Hs 129

1954 Marcel Jurca built a Jodel D112 in order to learn about building. This aircraft is still flying, based in Caen airfield (France, Calvados).

1956 Maiden flight of the first Tempête MJ-2 F-PHOE, aerobatic single seater

1958, L'appareil obtient son CDN après passage au CEV de Bretigny qui indique :
"le Tempête réunit l'ensemble des caractéristiques de pilotage du Spitfire..."

1962 Maiden flight of the Sirocco MJ-5 F-PJSX, aerobatic tandem two seater

1965 Marcel Jurca become a French citizen

1967 Maiden flight of the MJ-3 Dart in the USA

1968 Stand des avions Jurca à l'EAA Rockford

1969 First MJ7 Gnatsum completed by Falconar in Canada


1973 First MJ-2 Nangis patrol

1975 Maiden flight of the MJ-77 in the USA


1975 Maiden flight of the MJ-8 FW190 3/4 in the USA

1976 Evolution of the MJ-5 Sirocco prototype, now powered with 180 hp (type MJ5 K2)

1982 Maiden flight of the MJ-10 Spitfire 3/4 scale


1986 Maiden flight of the MJ-12 "Pee40"in the USA

1989 Foundation of the Jurca Air Force association

1992 Maiden flight of the MJ-53 Autan, side-by-side version of the MJ-5 Sirocco


1994 Maiden flight of the MJ-100 Spitfire full scale, 700 hp,  in France

1994 Second MJ-2 patrol, named Nangis Alpha

1998 Maiden flight of the MJ-55 Biso



October 19th, 2001, Marcel Jurca passed away

2001 Opening of the website and birth of the CMJ (Comité Marcel Jurca)

2003 First archives' room for Marcel Jurca at Machault (77)

2004 Maiden flight of the american MJ-100 with 1350 hp by Robert Deford, Prescott AZ (N1940K)


2006 Maiden flight of the MJ-80 FW190 full scale in Germany, by Ulrich Bronner (D-FWUB)

2016 First Catalog of the Marcel Jurca aircraft (French only)

2019 Maiden flight of the MJ-51C Spérocco in the USA

2019 New archives's room for Marcel Jurca near Fontainebleau (France)


2020 Second Catalog of the Marcel Jurca aircraft (French + English)


2021 Some free visuals for your t-shirts, caps and mugs... making the passion alive.
To be downloaded from the site.

Some new stuff to come!

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