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Here is already 18 years that Marcel Jurca left us and the fervor of the enthusiasts of his planes does not fade away!

The best evidence is the good health of the annual meeting of the Jurca Air Force, the planes that change hands and continue to give pleasure to their pilots, some are beautifully restored and restart for several decades of flying, new projects are put in flying or are under construction over the entire range, from Tempête to Spitfire. Finally, the facebook page now has more than 700 subscribers with amazing responsiveness.

All this works with great friendships, of those that the aviation is able to ignite, whatever the distance.

Two news to celebrate Marcel's aeronautical and technical legacy:

  1. This new website that we had been waiting for months, and which slowly finds its content.
  2. The new dedicated room to consult the archives and plans, near Fontainebleau, will be inaugurated Saturday, October 26th.

We count on you all to search your archives and send us your photos, letters and anecdotes lived with Marcel Jurca, to feed the archives and the site. Send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We thank you in advance.

Warm aero-regards and jaffreusement!





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